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Clinincal Trial 2

"Temperature measurement and monitoring in critical care adults: A comparison of thermometry and measurement sites."

Linda S. Smith, MS, DSN, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Oregon Health & Science University
Klamath Falls, Oregon

In early 2003, Dr. Linda Smith conducted an IRB sanctioned clinical trial that examined the accuracy of clinical body temperature measurement instruments.  Temperatures recorded from these instruments were taken from oral, rectal, and axillary sites and compared to base line reference pulmonary artery temperatures obtained from an Abbott Laboratory's "OPTICATH," fiberoptic catheter and Spacelab Medical's "Ultraview" monitor system.

Instruments used in the clinical trial included the Geratherm® "DataTherm®" continuous body temperature monitor and the "SolarTherm®" solar powered digital thermometer.

Both the DataTherm® and SolarTherm® correlated exceptionally well with pulmonary artery temperature. In fact, both instruments proved to generate more reliable readings than a mercury glass analog thermometer long considered, until then, to be the "Gold" standard of body temperature measurement instrumentation*.

The very high (Pearson r = .88) DataTherm® to pulmonary artery temperature correlation results show that adding .75°C (1.4°F) to DataTherm® axillary readings will indicate core body temperature with a very high degree of reliability*.

* Statistical results are available upon request.

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