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Clinical Trial 3

"Temperature monitoring in newborns: A comparison of thermometry and measurement sites."

Linda S. Smith, MS, DSN, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Oregon Health & Science University
Klamath Falls, Oregon

In early 2003, Dr. Linda Smith conducted an IRB sanctioned clinical trial that examined the variability and degree of agreement among instruments and temperature sites in newborn infants.  Instruments used in the clinical trial included the Geratherm "DataTherm®" continuous body temperature monitor and the "SolarTherm®" solar powered digital thermometer.

Both the DataTherm® and SolarTherm® showed very high levels of agreement with the average readings and dwell times obtained with other instruments.  Dr. Smith's research showed that axilla readings were a better indicator for temperature reading of newborns than inguinal readings.  An article written by Dr. Smith published in the September 2004 edition of the Journal for Neonatal Nursing discusses her research*.

* Statistical results are available upon request.

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