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Emergency Medical Services - Search & Rescue

DataTherm® II
Emergency Medical Services

Patient Temperature Monitoring Applications
• Clinically Induced Hypothermia
• Neonatal Transport
• Burn Victims
• Incidental Hypothermia
• Hyperthermia - Heat Stroke

• 1 Meter Diaposable Probes
• Pelican 1010 Case
• Universal Site Application
• High & Low Adjustable Audible and Visual Temperature Alarms
• US Army Airworthiness
◦ Certified for Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms
• FAA Classified: “Carry-on”


"I never have to wake my neonate during flight. I apply the sensor probe once and all I have to do is glance at the DataTherm® and record the temperature.  This really helps with documentation compliance issues."
Flight Nurse, St. Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

"It can be really cold during a flight and I worry that my patient may become chilled. With the DataTherm® I always know what my patient's temperature is."
AMTC, EMS Air Transport Convention, 2003

The DataTherm® is great, it fits right into my pack with the rest of my gear."
AMTC, EMS Air Transport Convention, 2003

DataTherm EMS and Air Transport customers include:
• Air Rescue International
• Alliance Medical - St Louis, MO
• Boston Medical Life Flight - Boston, MA
• Ferno Aviation - Alpharetta, GA
• Stoddard Co. Ambulance - Dexter, MO
• U. Mass. Mem. Life Flight - Worchester, MA
• US Army
• Navy Seals
• Brook Army Medical Center
• Veterans Administration
• Pilot Survival Training School - US Navy



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