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geratherm rescue warming systemsGeratherm® Rescue Warming Systems

For the prevention and treatment of hypothermia

The Geratherm® portable hypothermic warming systems offer three different platforms for the treatment and prevention of hypothermia. The Rescue Blanket measures 39” X 79” and provides full body protection, preventing the intrusion of cooling ambient air and is effectively insulated to retain the heat produced by it's active warming panels.  The Mini-Rescue Blanket measures 24” X 54” and covers the body from the shoulders to below the thigh. Both systems use five large resistive carbon fiber panels that radiate warmth evenly providing effective patient warming.  The Super-Mini Rescue Blanket measures 18” X 19” and covers the torso.  The Geratherm Rescue Warming Systems were designed to prevent and treat the effects of hypothermia at the scene and during Military and Non-Military patient transport including search and rescue operations.


  • Hypothermia retreatment, prevention, stabilization and warming in a single blanket
  • Waterproof protection combined with effective warming
  • User selectable temperature warming of 98.6°F or 105.0°F
  • Ease of application with portable battery or vehicle or facility mains power sources

Safe and Reliable

  • Warming system controller can only be set at 98.6°F or 105.0°F
  • Warming system has two redundant temperature sensing circuits with continuous automatic fault analysis and shut down
  • Fused double insulated waterproof (IP67) controller and cables


  • Warming blanket made with a tough light-weight waterproof welded polyurethane to survive extreme usage
  • The warming blanket may be easily cleaned and disinfected with water based cleaners and disinfectants
  • Warming system can be used with 12/24 VDC vehicle/aircraft power or 115-230 VAC mains power
  • Portable 3.2 lb battery capacity for up-to 7 hours of heat.
  • Deployment weight of 8.6 lb.

System Components

  • Custom soft case for field deployment
  • Warming blanket with controller
  • Battery, Charger, Controller and Cables
  • User manual
  • Optional battery bypass AC~DC power supply
  • Optional “Vehicle of Opportunity” power cable
  • Optional Hardigg olive drab M2700 Case for system shipping and deployment protection

Specifications: Click here

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