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DataTherm® is Used Widely by Hospital
ER's and NICU Departments


The benchmark study of 401 cases of Hypothermia (Larry M. Gentillello, MD Surgical Clinics of North America Vol.75, no2, April, 95) found that mortality rates of 21% were observed when core body temperature of hypothermic patients decreased to 28° to 32° C. Trauma victims were associated with near 100% mortality when core body temperature was 32° C or less.

Case Studies
Hospital Emergency Departments and Emergency Responders continue to express high interest in the DataTherm®.  Customers have told us that the DataTherm® is the only stand-alone temperature monitor available to them for the assessment and monitoring of hypothermic conditions for trauma patients.  Recent reports from customers include:

William Beaumont Hospital Emergency Department (Level 1)
Royal Oak, MI

The DataTherm® was used to monitor body temperature for a preadolescent burn victim whose pajamas had caught fire.  The nature and extent of the injuries made the DataTherm® the best choice for continuous body temperature monitoring.

St. Vincent Hospital Transport
Indianapolis, IN

Infant transport used the DataTherm® to extend the useful life of their older non-servo controlled transport isolettes.  Infant's body temperature can be easily monitored through-the-glass without letting in cold air by opening the unit.  One $200 DataTherm® saved St. Vincent over $75,000.  DataTherm®'s continuous display and audible alarms were highly useful in this application.

North Arundel Hospital
Arundel, MD

The neonatal department replaced the mercury thermometer in the newborn incubator with a DataTherm® extending the units useful life indefinitely.  A replacement incubator could have cost over $150,000.

Maniilaq Association Chapter

DataTherm® is a standard piece of equipment in the assessment and treatment of hypothermia for the health clinics in eleven widely scattered rural villages.  Hypothermia is common and flight rescue to full facility hospitals can take as long as 2 hours.

Anaheim Memorial Medical Center
Anaheim, CA

The Emergency Department found that the, because of its light weight and application flexibility was exceptionally useful for monitoring and recording the temperature of children and pediatric trauma patients.

DataTherm® Continues to Gain Momentum in Sports Medicine

The DataTherm® was introduced to the National Athletic Trainers Association in March 2004 at the District 4 Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association Symposium held in Chicago.  In June of 2004 a team of RG experts attended the NATA National Symposium in Baltimore where over 10,000 professional trainers assembled.  In only four months, DataTherm® is currently being used by almost 20 NFL and Division 1, College Teams.  RG continues to inform the Sports Medicine community through a combination of phased direct mail mailing and magazine ad programs.  Priced less than $200, the DataTherm® is highly affordable for smaller colleges and high school programs throughout the country.

DataTherm® passed the rigorous catalog listing assessment criteria, and is now a standard catalog item by the well recognized sports equipment distributors, Medco and Seneca.

In late July 2004 WXYZ, Detroit's ABC affiliate, broadcast a Health News segment highlighting the dangers of EHI where DataTherm® was a featured product.

Geratherm® Mercury-Free Thermometers Named TOP-BRAND

By A C Neilsen
In the Spring of 2004, the national research firm, A C Nielsen reported that the "Geratherm® Mercury-Free Glass Analog Thermometer" was "the largest selling fever thermometer in the US," in units sold for the October through March "Cough and Cold Season."

RG Medical Diagnostics announces the new "PowerWing" retail display module for Retail Store Display
RG Medical Diagnostic's new "PowerWing" retail display module was introduced to retail drug store chains in the spring of 2004. Approximately 1 ft by 2 ft, the module may be displayed on the counter-top or hung from a display peg.  The display module allows the retailer to rapidly respond to customer impulse buying motivation as demonstrated by last year's SARS scare.  The module eliminates the time consuming reconfiguration of the planagram.  The PowerWing can be custom packaged with up to 35 Geratherm items configured with any combination of one to all 8 retail thermometer models.

TriState Hospital Supply asks RG Medical to find the highest quality Celsius only digital clinical thermometer available

RG Medical Diagnostics was asked by TriState Hospital Supply to find a Celsius-only oral digital thermometer with superb accuracy for a large hospital in Minnesota.  TriState found that RG was the only one of their many suppliers to be able to provide a Celsius-only digital thermometer.  The Celsius version of the "ColorChoice®" met their customer's needs exactly.

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