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Geratherm® Rescue Warming Blanket System

Geratherm® R130 Mini Rescue II Rescue Warming Blanket System

The Geratherm® R130 Mini Rescue II is an FDA cleared Class II medical devices for the purpose of maintaining normothermia or preventing hypothermia. The systems feature a credit card sized embedded dual temperature controller that can be set to 98.6 °F (37°C) for the maintenance of normothermia or 105° F (41°C) for treating hypothermia. A microprocessor continuously monitors the blanket to ensure the blanket temperature is within 2°F of the selected setting. They are intended for use while at the rescue scene and/or during patient transport by air or ground to a medical facility.

Mini Rescue II R130: Dual Temp (19” x 33”)

Mini Rescue II R130

RGMD Part Number: 82310

NSN: 6532-01-596-1253

  • Dual Temperature Mini Rescue II Warming Blanket
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Card
  • Training CD

Warming System: Power Supplies and Accessories

Battery UBI-2590 Ultralife Lithium Ion

Battery UBI-2590 Ultralife Lithium Ion
RGMD Part Number: 82039
NSN: 6140-01-553-3527

2590 Ultralife Battery charger

2590 Ultralife Battery charger
RGMD Part Number: 82025
NSN: 6130-01-600-0031

Battery Harness and Carabineer

Battery Harness and Carabineer
RGMD Part Number: 82026
NSN: 6160-01-600-0758

2590/5590 Battery-Out Cable

2590/5590 Battery-Out Cable
RGMD Part Number: 82024
NSN: 6150-01-600-1811

Power Supply

Medical Grade AC~DC (110~240V) Power Supply
RGMD Part Number: 82009
NSN: 6130-01-600-0763

Auxiliary Power Cable

Vehicle Auxiliary Power Cable
RGMD Part Number: 82019
NSN: 6130-01-600-0762

Soft Case (Blue)

Soft Case (Blue)
RGMD Part Number: 82037
NSN: 6532-01-600-1818