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Why is knowledge of Exertional Heat Illnesses important?

In 2010 the CDC published an article stating “Heat illness during practice or competition is a leading cause of death and disability among U.S. high school athletes”. In concert with the NATA Guidelines for core temperature monitoring the DataTherm temperature monitor can make an impact on lowering the impact of EHI in athletes.

Exertional heat stroke (EHS) is the most severe form of exertional heat illness (EHI) with implications for potential death. (1) Unlike other potentially fatal conditions, death from EHS is completely preventable if rapidly recognized and appropriately treated. (1)

Having appropriate medical staff, and equipment is key for assessing and treating Exertional Heat Illness.

You can assess and monitor core body temperature in your athletes using the DataTherm® II Continuous Temperature Monitor.

The DataTherm II Monitor is very affordable and an extremely effective tool for the assessment and treatment of athletes presenting with symptoms of exertional heat illness (EHI). It satisfies the requirement expressed by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) for rectal/core temperatures.

It is used in greater than 800 high schools, colleges, universities and 24 professional football teams as the product of choice in rapidly obtaining and monitoring core body temperatures.

The DataTherm II is small accurate, dual scale (F & C), easy-to-use monitor that measures, displays, and updates temperature every 4 seconds. Weighing less than 2 ounces, this user-friendly monitor is designed with a temperature range up to 113°F. Both audible and visual high and low alarms alert the athletic trainer when the athlete’s temperature is above or below the desired core temperature.

The DataTherm II Monitor comes in a sturdy plastic case with accessories and two two-meter flexible rectal probes. Once the sensor probe is placed, the DataTherm II is used throughout the care and treatment of athletes with EHI before, during and after treatment in an ice water bath or other cooling modality.

DataTherm II Temperature Monitor Features include:

  • Compact, portable, and water-resistant
  • Multisite application
  • Extended measurement range (62.6°F–113.0°F)
  • Temperature updated every four seconds
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Dual scale
  • Self-calibrating disposable probes; 2 m (78″)
  • Capacity to record and store 140 temperatures
  • Transfer recorded data to PC (software included)