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Our Mission

Mission Statement

RG Medical Diagnostics is committed to providing only environmentally safe, cost effective and superbly engineered products to our existing and potential customers. We serve not only the retail and clinical markets but Sports Medicine and the Military Medical Market as well.


Our vision is to bring to the medical community the most current and innovative medical products. Through our business development program we search for and develop new and cutting edge medical technological products.


RG Medical Diagnostics will continue to be a company trusted by the customers, distributors and vendors we serve.

We offer:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Respect and appreciation for those we serve
  • Innovative environmentally safe products at a fair and reasonable price
  • Personal and friendly assistance as questions or problems arise

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RG Medical Diagnostics Policy Statement Regarding

Social Accountability (SA8000)


RG Medical Diagnostics is fully committed to conform to all requirements of the SA8000

Standard. We will operationalize the SA8000 standard by ensuring that policies and procedures are

documented and maintained and that our employees are trained in this subject matter.

Implementation and improvements will be evaluated through internal and external audits.

We will regularly review this policy to ensure that we continually improve all aspects of our social

responsible performance.

The elements of the SA8000 Standard require the following :

1) No child labor

2) No forced labor

3) Safe and healthy working conditions

5) No discrimination

6) Fair Disciplinary Practices Through Progressive Coaching

7) No excessive working hours

8) Open communication through the organization