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Business Accelerator and Product Commercialization

Business Accelerator and Product Commercialization

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Often great medical products never make it to market without an accomplished and knowledgeable team to take it the next step. For the past ten years we have been providing these services within our existing business model.

You believe your medical product is ready for the next step; prototype, clinical trials, first customer or further development of a sales and distribution infrastructure. You have questions, you do not know how much money is required and you do not have all the product development experience required to move your product and company forward. You have lawyers, accountants, local business incubators available to you for support; but you still do not have what you require.

We hear this story often and that is why we developed a process to assist the entrepreneur and early stage companies with commercializing their product from the prototype stage to a salable commodity.

We work using a multiphase process by assessing your product’s readiness, engaging product validators and eventual customers. Moving forward we collaboratively design an economic model and help you draft an actionable business plan. A plan that includes pricing strategies, reasonable product roll out, helps you to understand financial hurdles and how to value and maximize your product/company.

We deliver more than a report. We have an active business that distributes medical products to a wide variety of domestic and international customers. Our current customers will become your customers in the Clinical Market, Retail Market, E-Commerce and Department of Defense. We provide our Clients a turnkey solution to sales and marketing, inventory management, accounting, administrative and regulatory requirements.

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