Pre Loader

Ambulatory Surgical Care

Preventing Perioperative… or Malignant Hyperthermia in the surgical patient

Sports Medicine

Exertional Heat Illness
Assessing and monitoring core body temperatures

Having a presence in Combat Casualty Care and Search & Rescue for over 15 years allows us to provide safe and effective medical products in the most austere conditions.

Thermometry Products

All our thermometers are designed and engineered by our German Manufacturer, Geratherm Medical AG.

Business Development

We offer multiple services for new product commercialization through our proven accelerator process.

Veterinarian Acute Care

Continuously monitoring your patient’s temperature will prevent hypothermia and improve outcomes.

RG Medical Diagnostics has been a leading provider of patient temperature management solutions since 1995. In addition to our core portfolio of products, we offer a variety of unique best-in-class consumer health products.