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Maintaining Surgical Patient Normothermia

Why is continuous temperature monitoring so critical?

Every patient undergoing surgery is at risk for developing Perioperative Hypothermia. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists recommends “body temperature shall be intermittently or continuously monitored and recorded on all patients receiving general anesthesia”.

Continuous temperature monitoring allows the clinician to be proactive with maintaining normothermia and preventing unplanned perioperative hypothermia. Patient temperatures averaging 1.5°C below normal can cause negative patient outcomes such as increased cardiovascular complications, perioperative hemorrhage, and surgical site infection, prolong the stay in the PACU and decrease patient comfort and satisfaction.

Continuous Patient Temperature Monitoring in the Ambulatory Surgical Centers

By initiating the practice of temperature monitoring in Pre-Op, Surgical Suite and Post Op area the surgical team can ascertain the patient baseline temperature in advance of anesthesia and monitor throughout the procedure.

Choosing the right core body temperature monitor for each patient is key. When selecting a continuous temperature monitor certain product features and attributes should be considered.

  • A monitor that can travel with patients from Pre-Op to PACU without being disconnected thus preventing interruptions in continuous temperature monitoring.
  • A monitor with alarms that can alert staff when patent temps are trending toward hypothermia producing a faster staff response time.
  • A monitor with the capability to record & store temperatures for easy recall and documentation.

The DataTherm® II Continuous Temperature Monitor is accurate, reliable, affordable and meets all the essential attributes listed above for “Dynamic Patient Temperature Monitoring™”

  • Stays with the patient throughout the perioperative setting
  • Multi-site applications; axillary, cutaneous, rectal & esophageal
  • Battery operated (eliminates electrical cords & power sources
  • Compact (weighs < 2 ounces) Easy & intuitive programming
  • Replaces labor intensive “temperature taking” with continuous temperature monitoring
  • Programmable high and low audible alarms
  • Sensor probes may be reprocessed according to manufactures’s recommendations
  • Software will store and download patient temperatures and generate documentation for compliance.

RG Medical Diagnostics is a leader in the prevention of hypo and hyperthermia and maintaining patient normothermia. Over 6,000 DataTherm Monitors have been sold in multiple clinical venues and is revered for its affordability, accuracy and ease of use.   The DataTherm is a German designed FDA Class II listed medical device.

The DataTherm II Continuous Temperature Monitor is the solution you been looking for
“Dynamic Patient Temperature Monitoring™”

  • Multi-site application including esophageal
  • Extended measurement range (62.6°F-113°F)
  • Two 39” or 78” disposable temperature probes
  • Temperature updated every 4 seconds
  • Dual scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Stores up to 140 readings for easy recall
  • Programmable high and low audible and visual alarms
  • Includes software to store patient temperature data
  • Replacement probes always available

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