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Combat Casualty Care Warming Blankets & DataTherm

RG Medical Diagnostics offers an advanced Hypothermia Management System. This treatment platform consists of active warming blankets for the maintenance of normothermia and treatment of hypothermia  as well as a continuous temperature monitor for assessing and monitoring hypothermia treatment.  Each of these products are Class II FDA accepted medical devices.

The Geratherm® Mini Rescue II and Super Mini Rescue II feature a conductive polymer, Kevlar reinforced, heating panel that actively warms the patient.  The Mini Rescue II and Super Mini Rescue II measure 19” x 33” and 19” x 19” respectively.  The systems feature a credit card sized embedded dual temperature controller that can be set to 98.6oF for the maintenance of normothermia or 104oF for treating hypothermia.  A microprocessor continuously monitors the blanket to ensure the blanket temperature is within 2oF of the selected setting.  These devices are compact and portable making them ideal for use during transport of the injured warfighter from a remote environment to the point of care.

Multiple power sources are available including a rechargeable 2590 Lithium Ion battery, a 120-240V AC Power Adapter, and a 12-28V DC air or ground vehicle power adapter.  The rechargeable battery will supply 5-7 hours of warming on a single charge. Both systems can be stored and fielded in a compact shoulder carried soft case that weighs less than 7 pounds.

The DataTherm® II Continuous Temperature Monitor is a companion product to the Mini Rescue II and Super Mini Rescue II warming blankets.  It is invaluable for monitoring core body temperature with a temperature monitoring range of 62.6oF to 113oF.  Audible and visual alarms alert medics that the core body temperature is above or below pre-determined parameters.  The DataTherm II features a 1 meter or 2 meter disposable temperature probe with multi-site application such as the axilla, esophageal or rectal.

When combined with an insulated litter or wrap, the Geratherm Mini Rescue II, Super Mini Rescue II, and DataTherm II provide a treatment platform that is ideally suited for use in all types of rescue environments.  Warfighters can now benefit from aggressive treatment and prevention of hypothermia via active warming that is available from the point of rescue to a medical facility.Or….

RG Medical Diagnostics Military and DOD Sales

RG Medical is the manufacturer’s representative for Geratherm Medical AG, based in Germany. The Geratherm active warming blankets and DataTherm II Continuous Temperature Monitor are companion products in the prevention and treatment of hypothermia. This is the only active warming system that is continuously powered from in-theater to CONUS using the following power options: 2590 battery, 110Volt, 220Volt or 12/24 Volt Power Adapter.